In today’s world, quality and precision play a crucial role in the aerospace and space industry. From commercial aircraft to spacecraft, every component must be manufactured with top-notch precision and durability to ensure safety and efficiency. Our company leads in the production of parts for these sectors, utilizing CNC turning and 5-axis milling technology.

At Alfa Teh, our expertise in manufacturing high-quality aerospace components places us at the forefront of the industry. Specializing in processing a wide range of materials, including special aluminum alloys and steels such as 1.4548 and 17-4PH, enables us to meet our clients’ specific requirements, ensuring safety and efficiency in the aerospace sector. Our integrated approach, from development to logistics, coupled with rapid innovation implementation and advanced supply chain management, underscores our commitment to excellence and flexibility in every project.

Elevating precision to new heights.

CNC Technology: The Foundation of Our Manufacturing

A key aspect of our manufacturing is the use of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology. This technology enables us to produce parts with exceptional precision and repeatability. CNC machines are essential for achieving the high standards required in the aerospace and space industry.


Turning and 5-Axis Milling: Our Tools for Perfection

Our manufacturing employs state-of-the-art material processing techniques, including turning and 5-axis milling. Turning allows us to create parts with cylindrical or conical shapes, while 5-axis milling enables the production of complex 3D shapes with high precision. These techniques allow us to create parts that meet the most stringent industry requirements.

Special Materials

In the aerospace industry, a diverse range of materials is essential for manufacturing various components, including cabin, structural parts, and engine elements. These materials include high-strength steels for their durability and nickel-based alloys for their resistance to extreme temperatures. The selection and processing of these materials are critical to meet the stringent standards for quality, safety, and performance in aviation, ensuring the development of reliable and efficient aircraft components. For more detailed insights into the materials and processes used in aerospace manufacturing, visiting specialized industry websites can provide comprehensive information.


Strict Standards and Procedure

The focus is on rigorous quality management and assurance, emphasizing high standards in product development and manufacturing. Continuous improvement and technological advancements play a critical role in maintaining quality, customer satisfaction, and delivery reliability. The company employs advanced measurement and inspection methods, including modern CAQ systems and CMM systems, ensuring precise component quality and process traceability


In collaboration with our clients, we pioneer the future of aviation by crafting the next wave of products and technological advancements. Our approach to product development is highly customized, meeting the unique demands of each client while prioritizing eco-friendly practices in development and execution. Our innovative processes are data-driven and meticulously managed. The “Futurezone,” our in-house prototyping facility, offers comprehensive capabilities including CNC machining and advanced rapid prototyping. As partners in development and technology, we stand by our clients through new ventures and into production, guiding the aerospace sector towards new horizons.