Quality Management

From the very beginning, when raw materials arrive at our facility, to the final inspection of our finished products, ensuring top-notch quality is our top priority. You’ll find our dedication to maintaining high standards evident in our keen attention to detail, rigorous quality control processes, and our ongoing investment in cutting-edge technologies.

Precision Measurement with Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs)

We employ state-of-the-art Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) to ensure the utmost precision and accuracy in our manufacturing processes. Our CMMs enable comprehensive dimensional inspection of parts and components, helping us maintain the highest quality standards for our customers.


Wenzel Xorbit 87

Wenzel XO 87 Coordinate Measuring Machine, renowned for its exceptional accuracy and advanced measurement capabilities. The XO 87 offers a large measuring volume, high-speed scanning capabilities, and unparalleled reliability, making it ideal for inspecting a wide range of complex parts and components.


Wenzel Xorbit 55

In addition to the XO 87, we also utilize the Wenzel XO 55 Coordinate Measuring Machine, another cutting-edge CMM renowned for its precision and efficiency. The XO 55 combines high-speed scanning with robust construction, allowing us to conduct detailed inspections with confidence and accuracy.

Comprehensive Dimensional Inspection

Our CMMs enable comprehensive dimensional inspection of parts and components, covering a wide range of geometric features with exceptional precision. From simple dimensions to complex geometries, our CMMs provide accurate measurements that ensure conformance to specifications and standards.


Our facility is equipped with the FaroArm – Gage Max, a state-of-the-art portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) renowned for its accuracy, versatility, and reliability. This advanced measurement device enables us to conduct precise dimensional inspections of parts and components with ease and efficiency.

FaroArm – Gage Max

Dimensional Inspection

The FaroArm – Gage Max offers comprehensive dimensional inspection capabilities, allowing us to measure intricate features and geometries with exceptional accuracy. From simple dimensions to complex surfaces, our FaroArm ensures that every part meets our stringent quality standards.

On-Site Measurement Solutions

One of the key advantages of the FaroArm – Gage Max is its portability, which allows us to perform measurements directly on the shop floor or in any location. This versatility enables us to conduct on-site inspections, troubleshoot production issues, and make real-time adjustments, ensuring efficient and seamless manufacturing processes.

Applications and Benefits

Our FaroArm – Gage Max is utilized across various industries and applications, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more. It plays a critical role in quality control, reverse engineering, tool alignment, and assembly verification, providing invaluable insights and data to optimize production processes and ensure product quality.

Testing in a Controlled Environment

At AlfaTeh GmbH, precision is paramount. That’s why we conduct all our measurements and inspections in a controlled environment with a constant temperature maintained year-round. This ensures that environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations do not influence the accuracy of our measurements, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results.

The Importance of Controlled Environment Testing

Testing in a controlled environment is crucial for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of measurement equipment like CMMs. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can affect the dimensional stability of parts and the performance of measurement instruments. By conducting measurements in a controlled environment, we eliminate these variables, ensuring that our inspection results are accurate and consistent.


Advanced Chemical Analysis

Hitachi X-MET8000 Expert

Our facility is equipped with the Hitachi X-MET8000 Expert handheld spectrometer, renowned for its exceptional performance and reliability. This state-of-the-art device utilizes X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to determine the exact chemical composition of materials quickly and efficiently.

Hitachi X-MET8000 Expert

Comprehensive Measurement Capabilities

In addition to advanced technologies like the Wenzel XOrbit and FaroArm, AlfaTeh GmbH employs a range of traditional and certified measurement tools to ensure comprehensive and accurate dimensional inspection.

Gauges for Measuring

Gauges for measuring are specialized tools designed to assess various dimensions and attributes of parts and components. These gauges come in a variety of forms and configurations, each tailored to specific measurement tasks. Whether it’s checking the diameter of a bore, the depth of a groove, or the flatness of a surface, gauges provide invaluable data that guides the manufacturing process.

Types of Gauges

Our arsenal of gauges encompasses a wide range of types, including:

  • Bore Gauges: Used to measure the internal diameter of holes or bores with precision.
  • Thread Gauges: Designed to check the pitch, diameter, and form of screw threads for accuracy.
  • Height Gauges: Utilized for measuring vertical distances or heights with exceptional accuracy.
  • Depth Gauges: Ideal for assessing the depth of holes, slots, or grooves accurately.
  • Surface Roughness Gauges: Employed to evaluate the texture and smoothness of surfaces for quality control purposes.
AlfaTeh_Gauges for Measuring
AlfaTeh_Digital Micrometer


Our skilled technicians rely on precision micrometers to measure dimensions with exceptional accuracy and reliability. These handheld tools are indispensable for precisely gauging lengths, diameters, and thicknesses of parts and components. Whether it’s ensuring the exact diameter of a shaft or the thickness of a sheet metal, micrometers provide the precise measurements needed for quality manufacturing.


Similarly, we utilize calipers for precise dimensional measurements in various applications. Calipers are versatile tools capable of measuring inside, outside, depth, and step dimensions of parts and components. Our technicians use calipers to accurately gauge dimensions such as hole diameters, groove widths, and step heights, ensuring that each component meets precise specifications.


Measured and Certified Measuring

These specialized tools undergo regular calibration and certification processes to maintain their accuracy and reliability, ensuring consistent and dependable measurement results.


At AlfaTeh, quality isn’t just a checkbox to tick off; it’s a core value that guides us in everything we do. We understand that behind every product we manufacture, there’s a person relying on its performance, whether it’s a part for a critical machine or a component in a life-saving device. That’s why we approach each step of the manufacturing process with care and precision, knowing that the quality of our work directly impacts the lives and livelihoods of our customers.

So, when you choose AlfaTeh GmbH, you’re not just getting a product; you’re getting a promise of quality, reliability, and perfection.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

From advanced measurement technologies to traditional handheld tools, our comprehensive suite of measurement capabilities ensures the utmost accuracy and precision in every product we deliver. Combined with our dedication to quality assurance and customer satisfaction, AlfaTeh is your reliable partner for precision manufacturing solutions.